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Stars of BVB and FC Bayern calls on donations

The Bundesliga professionals Alphonso Davies from FC Bayern Munich and Mahmoud Dahoud of Borussia Dortmund support an international donation call for Ukraine refugees.

The campaign “Football for Ukraine” is initiated under the Hashtag # Football4ukaine from the UN RefugeesCommissariat UNHCR, the UN Refugee Hilfswerk and the World Food Program.

Also Davies and Dahoud have a refugee history. Canadian international Davies was born in a Ghanaian refugee camp after his parents fled Liberia because of the Civil War.

Dahoud’s parents come from Syria and fled shortly after his birth in 1996 to Germany.

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“It is very sad to see that millions of people around the world are distributed through the war. The need for support is greater from day to day. That’s why this call is so important to bring urgent help where it is needed is, for everyone, “said Davies, who had been appointed the first footballer to the UNHCR special ambassador last March.

The appeal should be won fans to donate for the Ukraine refugees.

A bundle for Ukraine: over 600 games and more for 10 US

There are many ways to support the people of Ukraine. One is to buy a thick bundles on

The horrors of war in Ukraine will never end. the actions of the Russian army The longer the conflict continues, the more cruel. Ukrainians need any kind of support, and we can all do our part. There are several points of contact in order to donate money, even within the video game industry. The Indie Games platform is now one of them. There a really thick bundle is available until March 18, the sale of which alone serves only to help Ukraine.

The Bundle for Ukraine
One half of the total revenue goes to the International Medical Corps, which ensures medical care in the country. The other half gets Voices of Children, a Ukrainian organization that helps children to cope with the horrors of war and post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as to get used again to the school day after the end of the conflict.

The bundle consists of nearly 1,000 products. More than 600 of them are computer games. By doing some well-known indie titles such as the RPG Cross Code by the German developer Radical Fish Games, the adventure backbone and stylish are first-person shooter Superhot. In addition there are over 300 tabletop RPGs and a dozen books, magazines, comics, soundtracks and other things. More than 600 of products included have never been part of a bundle and some developers and publishers have registered specially because of this action on

You get the complete package for just $ 10. However, the leaders ask that you pay as much as you are willing to give. At the present time already more than 160,000 people have slammed together and more than 2.3 million US dollars have already been met. The aim of all this is a sum of 4 million US dollars.

the bundle for Ukraine buy now!

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