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WhatsApp Update: From New Messenger

WhatsApp is updated on the smartphone more often. This time desktop users benefit.

Dortmund – WhatsApp is not only a popular messenger via app on the smartph1. Even with larger terminals such as notebooks or tablets you can communicate via WhatsApp. As desktop version * reports, these desktop versions should soon get an update that it does not exist at the app.

How to Update 'WhatsApp Messenger' to the latest Stable Version on Android?

Change in the desktop version: WhatsApp Lets new function

Thus, according to the blog Wabetainfo will soon be possible to react more concrete to individual messages – by emoji. The funny symbols or faces are not basically new via WhatsApp. Users have a number of Emojis, which are also regularly expanded *.

However, you should be able to assign them according to the new update similar to a “Like” on Facebook or Instagram directly to individual messages. Especially in group chat or confusing text curves, this feature can be practical.

Desktop version of WhatsApp: Users can react with Emojis

And this is how the innovation at WhatsApp: If you move the mouse pointer near a message, a button will appear there. These can choose users between six different reactions, ie Emojis. So similar to how it is long standard for postbook, signal or discord.

Also competitor Telegram already uses this feature longer *. However, users can also react directly to the smartphone app directly by Emoji. And at Instagram it has been possible for some time to react directly to Storys directly with a heart. With WhatsApp, users have expected this function according to _CHIP.DE.

WhatsApp: Appearance of new function can take a long time

However, there is also a hook: For WhatsApp, this feature has not yet been announced for Android and iOS versions. Not even in the beta version, where many features of WhatsApp are first tested *, it is available. When users can try the innovation is still unclear. According to, however, it could take some time.

Most recently, WhatsApp has also announced a new search function *. It should bring the users to enormously relief. * desktop version Int part of the editorial network of the _media.

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WhatsApp plans important change when deleting messages

WhatsApp can be deleted messages in the chat. But Meta plans a change.

How to Delete WhatsApp Messages for Everyone after a Long Time - Up to One Week Old
Dortmund – For most people, WhatsApp is hardly indispensable from everyday life. There are more than two billion users worldwide. The Facebook Group Meta, which also belongs to WhatsApp , regularly adjusts the messenger with new updates . However, a change ensures attention, as * reports.

WhatsApp update: Messenger raises timeout for useful function

With all the news, different chats and groups you can already get confused. Not infrequently it happens that a message to the wrong person device, contains an embarrassing typo or you still consider after the sending that the content is not so suitable.

The Messenger had the solution: Simply delete the message. If you pressed on the small trashcan symbol, the remark disappears from the chat window. Although the chat partner or the chat partner sees that the message was deleted, the content is no longer read. The message can be deleted for all or only for yourself.

For this useful WhatsApp function * it should now give a new time limit. This reported the independent portal in early February, which informs about news of the popular messenger. So far, the limit was only a few minutes. Now it should be raised loud for two days and twelve hours (more digital news at group chats).

WhatsApp change: Deleting messages also possible in group chats

But that’s not all: With the new WhatsApp update * will also be possible to delete all sorts of messages in group chats in the future, as wrote on your own blog. The shipping date of the chat message should not play any more.

But beware: Not all deleted messages are immediately g1. For some devices, the WhatsApp messages can be made visible with a trick *.

Recently, the Meta Group made for a sensation. Mark Zuckerberg, chairman of the company, considered to disable Facebook and Instagram in the entire EU *. The Group explained in his annual report to the US Stock Exchange Supervisory Authority. Background are the strict data protection rules in the EU. Other WhatsApp news * Around the Messenger can be found on our topic page. (KAS) * ist Wiegroup chats Part of the editorial network

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WhatsApp no longer free? Popular function could be expensive

For Android users, it could soon make changes to WhatsApp. Google should be to blame.

Dortmund – 58 million Germans are supposed to apply the app according to Messengespeople daily for free – at least until now. Because soon could be charged for some users. Consumers would have to pay for the securing chat curves.

Chat backups from WhatsApp soon chargeable: Why the app for Android can soon be expensive

After consumers recently become a new update for more security at WhatsApp, there are bad news for some of them. So far, all users were able to store their chats unlimited without paying anything.

According to the hna, however, this could change soon, because it was found in a beta version of the app, which is exactly the prediction. According to information, however, only Android users (more service news at Android users).

However, the developer of the app, which instead worry about new photo and video functions for WhatsApp. Responsible for the charitable innovation should be Google.

Until now, consumers were able to store their chats unlimited with Google Drive, because the messages were not credited to the available 15 gigabits. That’s exactly what the technology company wants to change according to Wabetainfo information.

DON'T Use WhatsApp!

WhatsApp Chat Backups: The new settings for Google Drive and follow for Android users

The so-called source code of the beta variant suggests whatsapp backups will be credited to the limited 15GB memory in the future. As soon as the space is full, Android users are probably forced to sort out old backups, or to pay for further storage space.

For some, however, this dramatic step should not be a surprise. Only recently Google has repealed the unlimited storage space for the Google Photos service.

Backups of WhatsApp Costs: Google should plan fast implementation – Betaquellen code provides information

When exactly the time has come, and whether the company actually sets a limit for free chat backups, but is not fixed yet. Due to the beta source code, however, it is speculated that it can not take a long time until the implementation takes place. Android users must continue to be borne until then.

When the time has come, affected people would receive a notification as soon as the memory of Google Drive is “almost full” or “full”. Then consumers would have to make the choice between the costs incurred and deleting already stored content at the latest.

According to mer * WhatsApp is the most popular communication service of the Germans, but whether the costs incurred will continue to be seen. _ * Mercury is like Android users part of the editorial network from the editorial network.Media._

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